Volte parameters

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    There are two types of EPS bearers: default and dedicated. For an EPS bearer, having a non-GBR resource type means that the bearer is a best effort type bearer and its bandwidth is not guaranteed. QCI, though a single integer, represents node-specific parameters that give the details of how an LTE node handles packet forwarding e.

    QCI values seem to be mostly used by eNBs in controlling the priority of packets delivered over radio links.

    That's because practically it is not easy for S-GW or P-GW, in a wired link, to process packets and also forward them based on the QCI characteristics all at the same time As you may know, a Cisco or Juniper router would not care about delay or error loss rate when it processes QoS of packets.

    This parameter is used for a GBR type bearer, and indicates the bandwidth bit rate to be guaranteed by the LTE network.

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    Any packets arriving at the bearer after the specified MBR is exceeded will be discarded. As you read the foregoing paragraph, you may wonder why a non-GBR type bearer does not have a "bandwidth limit"? But, please take a look at the one below.

    Nice and good description of QoS; Thank you very much. I would like to know what the role of eNB in all this QoS process? As per my understanding TFT for a bearer is one.

    volte parameters

    A single bearer can have multiple SDF which are mapped to different service. Term SDF is usually used on the Gx interaface. Hope someone can help. I am trying to understand what levers QCI manipulates to impact latency, packet loss, etc. Is it ARP? Secondary question. This goes to the base of the question Thank you. Excellent comments!VoLTE call flow and procedures is very big area to cover because of the many scenarios to consider from both UE and network perspective.

    Once that information has been processed the UE can initiate its own processes. We are discussing the whole procedure from UE point of view. This process consists of some important sub-procedures as follows:. This is similar to UMTS registration. This is a UE originated message and it contains important information as what the UE wants.

    To protect UE and network from security and man in the middle attacks all UEs in the network need to be checked and secured before they can use any network resources. To begin this process network send Authentication Request message or a challenge to make sure the UE is a valid entity.

    In response UE sends Authentication Response. IT is also good to know that Security Mode Command is integrity protected. This message carries vital information on ciphering. QCI parameter generally targets a specific service type based on delay and packet loss requirements.

    Can you help me with this? I use an iPhone 7 Plus. Otherwise check with operator. Suppose I am in 4G network and my friend is in legacy network.

    Top 10 E2E VoLTE deployment considerations

    However, what concerning the bottom line? Are you positive in regards to the source?

    volte parameters

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    GoldenParameters for VOLTE

    Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. LTE Parameter tuning. Ahmed Salah.

    LTE Basic Parameters

    This means that Wray Castle Limited could take you and your employer to court and claim heavy legal damages. Apart from fair dealing for the purposes of research or private study, as permitted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Actthis manual may only be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means with the prior permission in writing of Wray Castle Limited. Thus when considering the operation and the parameters for the air interface it is largely independent of the RAN and the core network.

    Therefore the behaviour and functions supported over the X2 interface do have a bearing on air interface operation. This is not to say that the performance of the air interface is independent of the RAN Radio Access Network as a whole or of the core network.

    The provision of adequate QoS Quality of Service on the air interface is only possible with appropriately dimensioned and managed resources for transmission and switching in the network as a whole. The importance of QoS management in this context depends on the type of services offered in the LTE network of interest. In the main, these parameters relate to the configuration of the physical layer and the way that control channels are mapped into it. In turn, the settings for these parameters are driven by spectrum availability, the feature set to be used and appropriate dimensioning for expected traffic and signalling loads.

    In general the principle of SON is that performance measurements received in real time from the network can be used to vary configuration parameters in the RAN. In the past, configuration parameters have been the sole preserve of optimization or network design engineers and most would be set at static or semi-static values.

    In a SON performance, analysis by an application is used to set, and crucially also to change, key parameters as network conditions change. The overall aim in this automation of the optimization process is to use resources in the most efficient way and at the same time maximize coverage and capacity. In this state the eNB is powered on and has an active communications link, but the RF unit is not yet switched on.

    Once the eNB has obtained an initial radio configuration the RF unit is powered on and it becomes operational. At this point the self-optimizing process can begin. The self-optimization process allows the eNB to fine tune radio parameters in response to network activity. In systems such as WiMAX, OFDMA schemes occupying different channel bandwidths employ different subcarrier spacing, meaning that there is a different set of physical layer parameters for each version of the system.

    Fixing the subcarrier spacing reduces the complexity of a system that can support multiple channel bandwidths. Along with flexibility in bandwidth there is considerable flexibility for spectrum allocation. There are no requirements for minimum band support nor for band combinations. It is assumed that this is determined by regional requirements. The standards currently identify 19 bands for FDD operation, ranging from frequencies of approximately MHz through to frequencies in the range 2.

    Considerable scope has been left in the standards to add more frequency bands as global requirements evolve. Those bandwidths that are mandatory for a UE supporting each given band are shown in the table.

    The main RRC functions are outlined in the diagram. The RRC is in overall control of radio resources in each cell and is responsible for collating and managing all relevant information related to the active UEs in its area.

    In regard of the control of radio resources and procedures that relate to the way radio resources are handled, RRC works very closely with the layer 2 protocol MAC Medium Access Control.In a nutshell, VoLTE allows voice to become just another app that rides on a data network.

    The new protocol may bring faster, better voice calls and even video chat tied to your cell phone service and number. A bonus for consumers: Voice-minutes billing will go away.

    Most next-generation or so-called 4G wireless networks use Long Term Evolution technology.

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    Previous cellular networks, such as 2G and 3G, were designed mainly to carry voice calls--services added cellular data support later through methods that basically "tunneled" data inside of voice-call connections. LTE turns the network around and uses Internet Protocol packets for all communications.

    As such, it doesn't support traditional voice-call technology, so a new protocol and applications for Voice over LTE are needed. So, although you may be using the new 4G network for wireless data, all of your calls are traveling on the older cellular networks right now, just as they always have.

    Since VoLTE requires not just technology on phones but also inside the big cellular networks, it is taking time to roll out. You may not even know it when VoLTE comes to your phone, since the technology will probably be integrated in a way where it becomes the service behind your "phone" application. VoLTE will allow users to talk and run data apps at the same time, a problem for some phones right now.

    VoLTE applications may come with an extra charge for more features, but no provider has announced any details yet regarding VoLTE apps or pricing plans.

    That's part of the promise of the new technology: Since the data network allows for more efficient use of bandwidth, operators have the option of bringing features such as high-definition voice and video chat to VoLTE-equipped devices and networks. Although no applications from service providers have been announced yet, VoLTE should also let carriers tie voice, video calls, and messaging directly to your phone number, making those communications better integrated and easier to use.

    VoLTE will also offer cellular providers a way to compete with so-called over-the-top services such as Skype, OoVooand FaceTimewhich currently provide voice and video communications over a data link. VoLTE may give providers a competitive edge because it will have tight integration with the carrier network, which tracks items such as a subscriber's location, device type, and billing information.

    Since VoLTE acts as just another data app, it will probably help to bring an end to the old "minutes" paradigm. Unfortunately, figuring out how much data you consume with any wireless app is harder than determining how many minutes you spend on the phone. The initial guess is that cell phone contracts won't radically change in price when VoLTE arrives. Why do service providers want to use VoLTE? Why don't they just keep voice calls on the old cell networks?

    VoLTE is attractive for multiple reasons. One is that voice as a data app is much more efficient than voice connections over old "circuit-switched" technology, so VoLTE would allow service providers to improve their internal operations significantly. And by moving voice traffic off older networks, service providers could theoretically "refarm" the old cellular spectrum and use it for more 4G-based networks.

    The answer to this question may not be evident for several years, since carrier interoperability--aka roaming--is one of the stickier VoLTE problems remaining.

    Unlike regular calls, which are based on predictable, standardized technology, VoLTE allows for a wide variety of implementations, and not all of them will enjoy support from every carrier. Support for E services and compatibility for international travel may also delay VoLTE rollouts as carriers figure out how to blend the new and old technologies during the early transition periods.Although there are many over the top applications for carrying voice over an LTE signal, VoLTE is the method that is provided by operators.

    When LTE was launched, it was seen as a packet data based system for data only. However this did not provide the operator revenue and the standardisation required to provide a really reliable service. A further requirement was that many system relied on SMS messaging. It was therefore particularly important to have a viable and standardised format for voice over LTE and messaging to protect the revenue provided to operators by these services.

    To overcome this Voice over LTE, was introduced as the global scheme to provide seamless integration of voice and short messaging into LTE networks. They had seen it as far too expensive and burdensome to introduce and maintain. To achieve a workable system, a cut down variant of IMS was used. It was felt that his would be acceptable to operators while still providing the functionality required. Adopting this approach, it enables the system to be integrated with the suite of other applications for LTE.

    VOLTE Drop Reason

    In order that IMS was implemented in fashion that would be acceptable to operators, a cut down version was defined. This not only reduced the number of entities required in the IMS network, but it also simplified the interconnectivity - focussing on the elements required for VoLTE.

    This considerably reduced the costs for network operators as this had been a major issue preventing he introduction of IMS. Dependent upon the network in use and overall location within a network, the P-CSCF will vary, and a key element in the enablement of voice calling capability is the discovery of the P-CSCF. An additional requirement for VoLTE enabled networks is to have a means to handing back to circuit switched legacy networks in a seamless manner, while only having one transmitting radio in the handset to preserve battery life.

    As with any digital voice system, a codec must be used. The AMR-wideband codec may also be used. No transcoders are needed as most legacy systems now are moving towards the AMR codec. In addition to this, support for dual tone multi-frequency, DTMF signalling is also mandatory as this is widely used for many forms of signalling over analogue telephone lines. One of the issues with voice over IP type calls is the overhead resulting from the IP header. VoLTE is now included on most 4G smartphones as standard.

    The networks steadily deployed IMS either in its full form, or as the cut down version making voice calls over the LTE network common. This was particularly useful as 2G and 3G frequencies were re-farmed for 4G purposes. VoLTE codecs As with any digital voice system, a codec must be used. Supplier Directory For everything from distribution to test equipment, components and more, our directory covers it.

    Selected Video 5G Cellular Communications - latest status. Featured articles.You would need to read the context to figure out what they say. The simple answer is that VoLTE over IMS can be specially optimized for voice traffic not only in terms of core network but also in terms of radio stack, whereas generic IP based voice call is just 'best effort' type of application which can hardly be optimized for voice traffic and no guaranteed quality of service.

    When we are thinking about VoLTE, we have to look into two layers. Following is the topics that I will talk about in this page. This log were captured under following conditon. With VoLTE in real network, you would not see this kind of simplified log since most of live network would enable Authentication and require Precondition.

    Actually each of the SIP message shown above has a lot of details and desribed acorss multiple specification. If you are interested in more details of each of these messages and parameters, refer to following links. Radio Layer Configuration. Followings would be the most common configuration in very high level view.

    Case 1 :. Case 2 :. Data Centric. You may click the link if you want to get the detailed sequence.

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    Item 0. DedicatedInfoNAS: c69fbdefc ESM message container. Length: ESM message container contents EPS session management messages 0x Procedure transaction identity: Activate default EPS bearer context request 0xc1. EPS quality of service.

    Length: 1. Access Point Name.

    volte parameters

    Length: 8. APN: internet. PDN address. Length: 5. PDN type: IPv4 1. PDN IPv4: Protocol Configuration Options. Element ID: 0x Configuration Protocol Protocol or Container ID:. Internet Protocol Control Protocol 0x Length: 0x10 Code: Configuration Nak 3.

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    volte parameters

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    Volte parameters

    The evolved packet core communicates with packet data networks in the outside world such as the internet, private corporate networks or the IP multimedia subsystem. The interfaces between the different parts of the system are denoted Uu, S1 and SGi as shown below:. The mobile equipment comprised of the following important modules:. This keeps information about the user's phone number, home network identity and security keys etc.

    Voice Over LTE Explained: Better Voice Quality Coming Soon to Your 4G Phone

    Each eNB is a base station that controls the mobiles in one or more cells. The base station that is communicating with a mobile is known as its serving eNB. LTE Mobile communicates with just one base station and one cell at a time and there are following two main functions supported by eNB:.

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    The eBN sends and receives radio transmissions to all the mobiles using the analogue and digital signal processing functions of the LTE air interface. The eNB controls the low-level operation of all its mobiles, by sending them signalling messages such as handover commands. Each eBN connects with the EPC by means of the S1 interface and it can also be connected to nearby base stations by the X2 interface, which is mainly used for signalling and packet forwarding during handover.

    A home eNB HeNB is a base station that has been purchased by a user to provide femtocell coverage within the home. There are few more components which have not been shown in the diagram to keep it simple. Each packet data network is identified by an access point name APN.

    This has two slightly different implementations, namely S5 if the two devices are in the same network, and S8 if they are in different networks. Previous Page. Next Page. Previous Page Print Page.This section is only applicable to the lab application. Inbound Handover Setup Inbound This action puts the test set into a "handover" state. The dedicated channels are setup according to the general system settings, and as per the information queried via the external EPC.

    GPIB command only. The test set remains in the "handover" state until an Abort Inbound or preset occurs, or a successful handover. This setting controls the inbound handover security type. Three inbound handover security types are supported:. This parameter specifies the time delay in frames from issuing the outbound handover command to the handover actually taking effect. If this value is set to 0the outbound PS handover takes effect immediately.

    volte parameters

    PS Handovers requires the target cell to setup dedicated resources for an incoming UE. The source cell queries the target cell for the resources, and then communicate them to the UE to access the target cell. This bypasses the RRC connection setup procedure, thus minimizing the data flow interruptions. Outbound handover can only be initiated by the test set, and is restricted to handover from LTE. The setting will be ignored in other operating modes. Error denotes the test set will issue a non-persistent UI error.

    Before the test, you need to make the following operations:. The following steps are required to configure the test set:. Phase 1 is only required to create the mobility message, which is only subject to the change of the configuration. Three inbound handover security types are supported: If it is set to Renegotiatean unciphered handover is initiated and recalculation of AUTN procedure is performed. If it is set to Integrityan unciphered handover is initiated, and the IK is derived from the security information provided by the EPC to continue the security keys negotiated on LTE.

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    If it is set to Cipheredit functions like setting as Integrity except that it generates a handover message with the ciphering information present. This can be achieved by manually sending the command or altering power levels if the PXT scenario file sends it in response to measurement reports.

    Operating Considerations Connecting to EPC requires the system to be configured and connected correctly. On a full preset or format switch, the connection between the test set and the external EPC simulator will be interrupted. Performing handover of mid-calls e.

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    When an IMS-Call is established, its codec types and rates setup should be aligned with the voice setup of the test set at the point of handover to maintain the audio connectivity with the IMS Test Client. This may be changed to Echo if differing codec types or rates is required. Additionally there will be a delay in the audio being received by the UE while the Echo buffer is filled.RRC Connection Est. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers.

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    volte parameters

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    Our four-day trip was a non-stop adventure. Nordic Visitor, whom I would highly recommend, put together a bespoke itinerary for us based on our requests.

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    Our consultant, Gudrun, was enormously helpful, especially when we requested an itinerary change with only about 24 hours notice, which she dealt with very efficiently and professionally. The itinerary included a Northern Lights tour, whale-watching and a visit to the Blue Lagoon but the highlight was the Golden Circle full-day tour. My husband and I had done it a few years previously and wanted our three boys (now aged 8, 10 and 11) to experience it as it is a great introduction to this amazing country.

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    All transportation connections were excellent, and the agents and conductors accepted invoices with no problems. It saved us much effort in figuring out how to get from Bergen, on to Flam, up the special steep train trip from Flan, and then the train for Oslo.

    Breakfast at each hotel were fine. I called it an "un-tour" since there was not really a tour group.

    However, the arrangement left us some adventure in planning our time and visits in each city, while the tour provided the basic structure for us. This was the first time that I planned a complete vacation only on emails. Planned a complete trip with zero phone calls. The ability to break payments across months was really helpful and the staff are extremely helpful and ready to provide every small information that you need.

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    volte parameters

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    VoLTE IMS KPI & Performance ( VoLTE Network Quality )

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    LTE Basic Parameters

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